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Black Bear

Newfoundland Black Bear
The island of Newfoundland is home to approximately 14,000 black bears. The black bears here on the island can reach 6-7 feet in length and up to an enormous 700 lbs, with massive height and skull diameter. The average adult black Bear weighs between 300-400 lbs.
The sparsely populated area of Newfoundland is the ideal place for your trophy black bear hunt. Area 4 being located at the base of the Long Range Mountains and bordering the Gros Morne National Park provides the hunter a perfect opportunity to bag his trophy black bear.
Our spring black bear hunt can offer an intense hunt for all hunters. The spring bears are baited by our experienced and hard working guides. The open barrens, clear-cuts and  bogs also provide a hunter large areas and a great opportunity to spot and shoot his fall black bear. You will have a hunting experience like no other.
Our bear season starts in May until July and from Mid September to late October. Bear hunts can be combined with trout Fishing or atlantic salmon fishing in the spring and moose and caribou hunts in the fall. A boat and fishing rods are readily available for any hunters interested in trout fishing. 
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